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Affiliate marketing offer models


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Affiliate marketing offer models

Affiliate marketing has several different offer models.

The following are the main types of affiliate marketing offer models, but others can be found:

Submits are simple one or two submission fields that a user will fill out in order for the publisher to get a payment. Often an email address or zip code is used and a conversion is recorded when the field is filled out or submitted.

Short Forms
Short forms are offers that require the user to submit more than two fields in order to count the conversion. Usually, they will include things such as: an address, date of birth, a phone number, or other personal information.

Long Forms
Long forms are similar to short forms, but require more information from the customer. Often a payment or credit card details will be requested and forms may expand onto several pages.

Free Trials
Free trials require a user to sign up for a free trial in the hope that they like it – and are further billed for the full product. The merchant will pay the publisher when a user upgrades or fulfils the free trial and converts onto the full package.

Sales are based on the consumer buying or purchasing a product. The merchant will then pay the publisher a fixed rate or commission per sale that occurs. Often the merchant will offer the publisher future commission if the customer returns for another purchase.

Installs are offers that typically get the user to install a plug-in or applications. Once the user installs what is required, the pixel will fire and the conversion will be counted.

Download offers are commonly used for mobile offers such as ringtones and application downloads. The payout often occurs once a user or customer downloads a specific app or product.

Pay Per Call
Pay per call is based on a unique call field, whereby the merchant pays the publisher when a customer submits a phone call. Often when the user clicks on the call button, they receive a call from a call center and further action takes place.

Mobile offers are those that are specifically targeted and optimised for mobile and tablet devices. Specially designed responsive landing pages are often used and users will convert the offers via their mobile phones.

Most affiliate marketing offers will work on one or several of the above offer models.

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