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Case *Case Study* 19K Profit In Less Than 30 days - One Hour Of Work Using Visto


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19K Profit In Less Than 30 days - One Hour Of Work Using Visto

What if I told you there is an easier way to make profit from Facebook? What if I told you, you don’t have to compete and run the same old offers everyone is pushing, but simply use one filter?

Wait no more because that’s exactly what you’re about to find out.

There is one simple filter that Visto users hardly know about. This filter is able to generate and show you affiliate ads that are seldomly run but can be as profitable as any finance gambling or diet offers out there.

The filter I’m referring to is the “Other” vertical within the Affiliate filter:

By going into the Other section you are basically looking for offers that not many affiliates are running and by doing that you are already cutting away most of the competition.

Nowadays, the Facebook market is so saturated that just trying to Rip and Run in any of the big verticals won’t get you anywhere. Either your account will instantly get flagged or, if finally do get something approved, hardly make any profit.

Now, it doesn’t mean you will have zero work and will just take what you see and get instant profits. You will still have to get some work done and get creative with your approach.

Let me show you how I did it with a simple Visto search.

So after choosing the filter above I started scrolling, looking for an interesting offer that I can run during the global Quarantine time periods. I knew some industries were for sure getting a huge BOOM out of the whole situation and these are the type of offers that I needed to run.

So, after a little search I came across an interesting ad:

This already got my interest… A VOD offer. I could see the appeal.
Now from my experience in the industry I already knew about these type of offers which are Credit Card Submit offers for a VOD service.

I clicked the ad to investigate more:

I saw the landing page that was used and I knew right away that my hunch was correct. It was a VOD offer. I immediately downloaded the landing page and had my designer “copy” it :)

Next was finding the offer for it. Since I already know many advertisers in the industry I knew who to contact and sure enough that the advertiser was telling me that they were exploding with the amount of traffic they are sending now to those offers.

Now, I’m not the one to just take something and run it as it is. I’m always looking for ways to set myself ahead of the competition. Since I knew all of EU was under lockdown as well I thought why limit myself to NZ/AU only? I asked the advertisers which countries he can accept in.

Europe and fair enough he had a nice amount of countries where he can process cards which most affiliates would never think of running traffic there, meaning I had the market all to myself.

Some of those countries were: Bulgaria, Hungary, Croatia, Greece, etc’.

It was my time to get to work. I sent the ad and landing page text for translation for all of these languages and asked the advertiser to get his page localized to all of those countries.

Once I had it ready I fired up the campaigns and waited to see the results:

As you can see, Some countries were just rocking it straight off the start while others struggled a bit.

Now, if you’re asking yourself why I didn’t continue scaling it to the moon? The campaigns we're running for a bit until I saw a dip in performance, accounts dying and better opportunities elsewhere so it was paused.

How did I find that new and better opportunity you ask? I guess this post gave you all the clues and information you need.

I wouldn’t be able to do it without the help of Visto and the unique filters it offers for affiliates that can easily simplify my work and reveal unique opportunities in the market with a click of a button.

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