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Case Case Study: How to make $275 from TikTok for 7 days?


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Source: TikTok
Сompany: iMonetizeIt
Offer: iMonetizeIt Dating smartlink
Advertise period: 05.10 - 12.10
Geo: US
Profit: $275
Spend: 10$


The statistics show only traffic from accounts which I've made from 10.05 - 12.10. The traffic has been coming for more than a month.
This case is not about big profits, but more about reduction of routine while working with free traffic in TikTok.
First, you have to prepare videos, which you are going to upload to TikTok.
I used to take already made videos from TikTok, customize them and change them to fit the way we're advertising them. You can take video from any "challenge" and music from author's account.

1) Download videos from TikTok.

We need to collect a list of video links. Scroll the page to where you want to find the right videos and paste this code into the browser's console:

“var vid = document.querySelectorAll('a[class*=video-feed-item-wrapper]');var l=[];functionmyFunction(value){l.push(value.href);};vid.forEach(myFunction);console.log(l)”;

We got a list of links to videos.

Now we need to download our video from TikTok, ideally without the watermark. You can use popular download services:
Download TikTok video without watermark online with TikTok downloader
TikTok Downloader - Download and Save TikTok Videos Without Watermark & MP3 Songs.

I bought a proxy with rotation (Litport.net DC Shared Rotating $2) and avoided this restriction and downloaded the needed videos.

2) Uniqueness.

  • Handbrake - program for editing videos. Available: rotate, mirror, cut, frame overlay, replace audio, change the format.
  • FFmpeg - library for video processing. Any filters and objects can be applied to the video. This is a universal tool for working with video.
In ffmpeg I used a mirroring + pink filter for uniqueness.

Also, I added a sound at the beginning of the video with a call to watch to the end.
At the end of the video I added a blurred photo for 0.6 seconds.

Many tiktokers use the photo placement technique, thus attracting viewers for views, boosting the video in recommendations.

3) Posting a video.

Android smartphone without a SIM card.
To change the geo - apk SocksDroid, and Proxiline proxy from Proxiline on US geo. Resetting the phone every 5 acs, in my case once every 2-3 days.
The main problems I have met with:
• Registration to mail didn't pass at all. Used virtual numbers. Geo numbers don't matter.
• Transferring the account to business and installing a link.

After a few accounts were created, tiktok starts giving errors when installing the link and transferring the account to a business account. Solved this with a simple clicker that pressed the button while it was on the screen. With the link - similarly. Click save until it skips.

If it didn't skip half an hour, I made a delay of +- 6 hours.

After receiving the link, I cut through the services. I made accounts from 5th to 12th of October. Something like 2-3 accounts a day.
Uploading 9 videos per account.
I received something about 200-300 unique traffic per day.

Account examples:
alice23xxxx (@alice23xxxx) TikTok | Watch alice23xxxx's Newest TikTok Videos?

queeenbabyx (@queeenbabyx) TikTok | Watch queeenbabyx's Newest TikTok Videos?

kim32x (@kim32x) TikTok | Watch kim32x's Newest TikTok Videos

veronika7763 (@veronika7763) TikTok | Watch veronika7763's Newest TikTok Videos

veronikaalikkbs (@veronikaalikkbs) TikTok | Watch veronikaalikkbs's Newest TikTok Videos?

sallyborn705 (@sallyborn705) TikTok | Watch sallyborn705's Newest TikTok Videos

Profit to all!

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