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Facebook Facebook Ads: Optimization for Ad Delivery – Which is Best?


The Optimization for Ad Delivery section is an important part of your Facebook ads campaign and something that you don’t want to skip over. Facebook doesn’t hide it, but it selects it’s “defaults” for you and a lot of people just skim over it.

That can be a mistake.

The best setting for Optimization for Ad Delivery depends on the type of campaign that you’re running and what you are trying to get Facebook to do for you.

This is an important thing to get right for the best chance at the highest level of conversions.

You can find Optimization for Ad Delivery in the Ad Set level of your campaign.

Ad set level of Facebook business manager.

To access the Optimization for Ad Delivery section you will need to scroll down to the bottom of the ad set level and click on the edit button.

Where to find the Optimization for Ad Delivery Section

Conversion Campaigns​

Conversion campaigns are the most common type of campaign that most businesses use. It’s also the most common type of campaign that I use in my agency.

A conversion campaign tells Facebook to go out and find buyers or subscribers for you, and it requires you to have a Facebook pixel installed on your site.

It’s probably stating the obvious that businesses like conversions. You can’t run a business without paying customers and that’s what conversions get you. So if you’re running a conversion campaign then you want to make sure that you’re paying attention to the ad optimization that you’re using.

Conversion campaigns have several options for ad optimization, but the one that we use and recommend is the conversions objective.

Optimization for ad Delivery for Conversion Campaigns

I don’t want the people who are most likely to click links. I want the people who are most likely to buy or subscribe to our mailing list (depending on what the goal of the campaign is). The conversion objective will tell Facebook that I’m targeting buyers or subscribers.

Traffic Campaigns​

Even though conversion campaigns almost always work better than traffic campaigns, there are some circumstances that conversion campaigns simply don’t work well.

You may not be able to track conversions or install the Facebook pixel on your landing pages. In that case, you may need to use traffic campaigns.

Traffic campaigns have a default setting of link clicks. I recommend that you change that to landing page views.

Optimization for Ad Delivery for Landing Page Views

The reason that I recommend this change is that it’s EASY to accidently click on an ad in Facebook or Instagram. People do it all the time. They are scrolling on their phones and click on an ad and then click directly back to Facebook or Instagram.

You don’t want Facebook to optimize for accidental clicks.

Instead it’s a better idea to optimize for landing page views. When you optimize for landing page views you are telling Facebook to send people to you who actually VISIT your website – which is the desired outcome.

The cost may be a little higher, but the quality of the traffic will also be higher.

Optimizing for landing page views gets rid of a lot of the accidental clickers.

Reach Campaigns​

I use reach campaigns in omnipresent campaigns that we run for ourselves and our clients. We use the reach objective in reach campaigns.

Currently some people aren’t seeing the option for reach campaigns. If that happens then you want to use impression campaigns instead. They do the same thing.

Optimization for ad delivery for Reach campaigns

The difference between the reach objective and the impressions objective is that the reach objective puts your ad in front of as many people as possible, and the impressions objective gives you as many views as possible.

Your goal is to reach as much of your audience as possible, so the reach objective works for that.

Video Views​

Most of the time when we are running video ads at my agency, we are still running conversion campaigns. But sometimes you may want to use a video view campaign instead.

When you are using video views as an objective, I recommend the ThruPlay optimization objective.

Optimization for Ad Delivery for Video View Campaigns

The other option is a 2-Second Continuous Video View Objective.

The problem with the 2 second objective that it’s super easy for people to accidentally watch a two second video clip and they can do it by accident simply by having Facebook or Instagram open on their phone while they turn away for a moment.

So to get higher quality traffic, ThruPlay is a better bet. When you use ThruPlay Facebook will optimize for people who actively watch your video.

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