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How to apply to affiliate networks


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Most affiliate networks or programs will require a process of approval, hence the need to apply.

Often new publishers do not want to apply to networks as they fear being denied or turned away. However, understanding WHY networks manually approve applicants is half the battle. Some networks receive thousands of applicants a day and this is why they need to be moderated. Networks are acting as the middle man between publishers and merchants, so they’re held responsible for what the publisher does with the merchants offer or program.

Frequently, fake or fraudulent publishers will compromise offers or programs and try to trick the system into receiving payouts. This can result in the network paying the publisher large amounts of money only to be informed that the merchant is unwilling to pay for the conversions. This, then, results in the network being sometimes thousands of dollars out of pocket. Another reason networks will manually approve applicants is because they may only be looking to work with a specific type of affiliate. For example, some networks only work with highly-experienced and high-volume publisher, or others only accept publishers with certain types of traffic.

Affiliate networks are serious companies often turning over millions of dollars a year, so you have to take them seriously. If you do not take your application seriously, then you will be denied access to the network.

Here are a few tips to go about applying to a network:

Get an online Identity
Networks like to connect an applicant with a brand or purpose. If you haven’t already, I’d strongly suggest setting up a quick and easy websiteor blog for your name or company. It makes you look more professional. Make sure you place an “about page” with some interesting content and your photo on it.

Get a personal email address
Using the website you created above, set up your own contact email address. YOURNAME@YOURCOMPANY.com looks so much more professional than a standard @hotmail or @mail address. Add a custom signature to your emails and make yourself more presentable online.

Be easily contactable
Make sure you enter all your contact details on the submission form as well as having them viewable on your website. Turn your phone on and be contactable in case the network wants to ring you for approval. They aren’t doing it to make you look stupid. They just want to know you are the right person for their network.

Do some homework
Often network representatives may ask you a few questions about marketing and how you plan to market their offers. It’s a good idea to have some form of knowledge before applying. Read information like this and brush up on the glossary of terms. Reading through this Wiki will put you in a good position. Make sure you learn the correct affiliate marketing terms.

Always be transparent
If you are not forthright with the networks, they will aggressively find you out. From the outset, just be honest and tell them the truth about whether you're new to affiliate marketing or you're a super affiliate. All they want is for you to be straightfoward. So, do not pretend to come across as someone you're not. Tell the absolute truth when being questioned.

If you put the above into practise and be honest when applying you stand a much greater chance to be accepted. Bear in mind that you may face rejection but don't let it get you down nor put you off applying again. Also if you're new to affiliate marketing try to source out the networks that accept new marketers. As not all will accept you if you're not already making money.

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