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How to build landing pages


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Landing pages are pretty much essential when it comes to affiliate marketing. How you obtain or go about setting up you landing page is up to you and also depends on your budget and experience. If you can program and design I suggest you learn how to build your own but if you can't then you can find other ways. It's important to understand how you page was built and what goes into it in order to test and optimise it later.

In order to setup and host your first landing page or website you'll need to first set up your domain name and hosting.

Domain and Hosting

You'll need to setup a domain and hosting account in order to host your first landing pages online. Luckily for you we have partnered up with a hosting company to offer you the best and most affordable hosting package for affiliate marketers available online.
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Let’s now take a look at how you can build landing pages:

HTML/CSS and Web Design
The traditional way of making your own landing pages is to learn HTML/CSS and web design in order to do it yourself. Although this may take time, it’s often argued to still be the best and most effective way of creating landing pages – not to mention the savings on cost. You can learn basic HTML/CSS here and Website Design here.

You can purchase extremely easy-to-use and high-quality landing page plug-ins/products. Whether using WordPress or standalone HTML static landing page, using a product like OptimisePress allows you to create very efficient landing page. Most products also come with great tracking and reports. You can download a plugin here.

Image Mapping
If you can design basic pages, but can’t code image, mapping is the answer for you. You can upload your landing page designs and place links over certain sections and images, for example the call to action image. Although this isn’t a professional look, it certainly does the job when on a tight budget and need to create your landing page. You can use Image Mapping here.

Online Templates
If you Google-search for different terms regarding “free landing page templates”, you can soon find lots of free to use landing pages. All you need to do is download them, change the copy and links and re-upload them to your domain or server.

Landing Page Generator Software

There's various softwares now on the market that allow you to generate landing page using their templates and drag and drop functionality. This means you never need to touch any code or design you can do it all from the software on your browser. A simple google search will bring up these solutions.

Professional Landing Pages
The best but most expensive option is to go to a website development company and pay for your landing pages to be designed and coded. This means you get fully custom, bespoke pages built specifically for you and your offers. You can work with a design team to build your pages exactly how you want them!

I’d personally start off by purchasing one of the landing page generation softwares until you know exactly what you want and then contact a custom landing page designer. Alternatively, I’d learn basic HTML/Design and learn the basics of creating your own pages.

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