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Optimising your campaign


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Optimization means changing and tweaking your campaigns in order to test the results. It doesn’t matter how big or small the changes are. Something tiny can make the biggest difference in results. The aim of optimization is to increase your results, whether it is revenue, profit or another factor.

Split-testing is a form of optimization whereby you test one thing against another. By tracking your results, you can easily determine which test was the most successful. It really doesn’t matter how big the test or change from A to B is. What really matters is the results. For example, something as small as changing the color of your call-to-action button on your landing page could bring in a huge amount of additional click-throughs to your offer. The opposite of that would be to change the whole landing page altogether, which may bring in less click-throughs and therefore be a bad change.

The ultimate goal of optimization and split-testing is positive results. More often than not, the end outcome will be more money, but small tests and changes can be made to increase any sort of interaction on your campaigns. Affiliate marketing is all about optimization and testing. Publishers are known to spend most of their time on testing. For instance, when setting up a new campaign, you may test 10 different colored banners or creatives to see which gets more clicks and conversions. Often, the same campaign is duplicated with minor changes in order to see which performs the best.

Here are some of the more essential and obvious ways to test and optimize your campaigns:

Split-testing copy on your landing pages, creatives, emails, adverts and so on, can bring huge changes in your results. Changing text and headlines can create more or less interaction and click-through rates depending on the results. Using a copyrighter will often bring in good results.

Changing your demographics and separating campaigns into different groups can be a great split-test. For example, instead of targeting all ages, you could target specific age groups. Similarly, instead of targeting all races, you could split-test different results between cultures.

It’s essentially about optimizing your complete landing pages or making the smallest of changes. For example, testing different colors, pictures, effect, fonts and more, all can result in the most profitable combination. You may change the button design on your banner.

Where you place things on your landing pages and creatives can have a huge effect on what gets clicked on, hovered over and ignored. Direct response tests can be put into place to test one landing page layout against another in order to see which converts the best.

Testing different CPC’s or CPM bids can sometimes result in more click-throughs and a better CTR. Split-testing the same campaign on different pricing models can result in finding a winning formula when it comes to bidding on traffic.

Traffic Source
Some campaigns will perform better on different traffic sources. Until you test them, however, all you will never know the results. You can carry your campaign onto multiple sources in order to see which, if any will back out to being positive.

Optimization goes hand in hand with tracking and you need to be able to track the results of your testing. Normally, the newer the campaign the more testing will occur. But, you need to know when to give up on your testing.

Try not to fall into the trap of over-testing and make sure each of your campaigns has sufficient traffic in order to make the test worthwhile. Sending $20 worth of traffic to 4 campaigns is better than sending $1 to 80.

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