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Types of traffic sources and definitions


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Traffic is the flow of internet users on the internet. When it comes to affiliate marketing, you need traffic directed to your offers or promotions in order to turn them into conversions.

Below are the most common types of traffic and their definitions:

Mobile traffic is basically traffic that comes from mobile or tablet devices. If your site or offer isn’t optimized for mobile traffic then you could be missing out on a lot of conversions. Anyone who views a website on their mobile is participating to mobile traffic. You need to make sure you have specific responsive web pages to work on mobiles.



Native advertising is the type of ads that tend to match and blend in with the platform or publication they appear on. The ad units or placements almost feel apart of their surroundings and are embedded within articles, videos and more. Native marketing is incredibly popular and appears on all major internet publications.
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SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving a website’s visibility in a search engine’s search results. Typically, the higher up the rankings a website is shown on a search engine, the more traffic it will receive. This is called, natural traffic as you aren't directly paying the search engine to show your website in its results. SEO isn't limited to text search.
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Pay Per Call

Pay Per Call is the method whereby the merchant or advertiser will pay a commission based on a phone call. Sometimes its when someone rings a certain number or often when someone stays on a call with an agent for a minimum time. It's very popular as it allows the potential customer to have an actual conversation with the agent.

Social Media
Social Marketing is a form of internet marketing on any social media platform or website. Social media means any platform that indulges a group of internet-based applications and audience to exchange content. The majority of social media platforms can operate on any platform or device. Facebook and Twitter are two of the biggest examples.

PPC (Pay-Per-Click)
PPC or Pay-Per-Click is an internet advertising model used to drive traffic to websites. The advertiser typically pays a fixed charge for every click that is sent to their website. They generally set a bid on relative keywords that are searched via PPC search engines. The advertiser with the highest bid is then placed in the highest position on the rankings.
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PPV (Pay-Per-View)

PPV or Pay-Per-View, also known as CPV (Cost-Per-View), is an online advertising model. With PPV, the clue is in the title. You simply pay every time your website or landing page is viewed. An advertiser is given the freedom to target several sources including keywords and URLs. A bid is made and if you are the highest bidder on a specific target, your webpage will be shown to the user.

Display Media Buying
Display Media buying, otherwise known as display advertising, is a method of purchasing banner ad space. You can buy ad space either directly from a website or on specific media buying ad networks. Usually, media is paid for on a CPM basis, meaning cost per 1000 impressions. However, when direct media buys from website owners, a flat rate can often be negotiated for a certain amount of time.

Email Marketing is the process of directly marketing a commercial message via email. It usually involves lists, which are groups of email addresses legally gathered by various forms. There are a lot of emailing laws set out to reduce so called SPAM, and every contact on your list, by law, must have opted in. CAN-SPAM is the governing body of email marketing and they provide the rules.

Incentive traffic is traffic that comes from an incentive source. This means a source of traffic where by the visitor is asked to complete an incentive before receiving the final content. Often, this traffic comes from CPA gateways or content lockers. The user is asked to fill out an offer in order to get the final step. Once the offer is filled out the user will be free to browse the content or file.

Lead Generation

Lead Generation is the process of attracting potential prospects and converting them into solid leads. This is normally done online by collecting the prospect’s data, which can range from just a name and email to full background checks and addresses depending on the offer or promotion.Lead generation is extremely successful and popular amongst online businesses because they can quite simply pay per lead, meaning they only pay out when a prospect has submitted information and therefore is a lead for them to follow up with.

Adult traffic is that of an adult nature. Adult sites such as pornographic ones have very large traffic that is targeted towards adults. Adult marketing would be to show highly targeted ads and offers on adult-specific websites. Some traffic networks cater specifically for adult marketing and only allow adult traffic across their platforms.

Although these aren't the only traffic sources, they are the most common and talked about when it comes to affiliate marketing. Often many are combined for one campaign. The best way to get into affiliate marketing is to pick one traffic type and stick with it until you've mastered it.

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