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Case [Case Study] TikTok + gambling 12k profit in one month


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Hi everyone! :)

ApproachX is here

We want to share some ideas and show our results with ads on TikTok

This is one of many examples that we are going to post here to show how to work properly with TikTok ads
And this time we gonna talk about gambling. :cool:

So, to start your journey with TikTok and gambling offers, you need to have:
- agency accounts, to make sure you can work properly with your balance and renew it every day. You can get them from Mikael, our affiliate manager ( Telegram - @manager_tiktok | Instagram - @ApproachX )
- a good GEO to work with, since every country is very different with moderation and average spend/account ( our manager will always
- PWA with good design. We work with pwa.group , but there are a lot of good PWA services to work with
- pack of creatives and your time ⏱️

So, it's time to show our results

DATE - 12.01.22-12.02.2022

OFFER - Cosmolot UA
COUNTRY - Ukraine
TOTAL SPEND - 10 283$
ROI - 219%
PROFIT - 12 307$
TARGET - male 25+

ADS :cool:

When we were thinking about the approach for these ads, we found an interesting trend on TIKTOK and reworked it for our niche:

Text is simple - for identity, we used some call to action, like “It’s your time to win” or just “NEW GAME”
For description we always tried to mention, that player will get a bonus - “Get your bonus” or “You welcome bonus awaits”

Good tip here is to use big amount of creatives and ad groups ;)

Despite the low costs per account, since at that time it was not possible to increase daily spend/account on Ukraine, we scaled with amount of accounts

Make soft creatives, use your creativity, play it cool and you will get great revenue with TikTok

:affiliatefix: Bonus: if you want to try TikTok ads, make sure to hit us on our IG ww.instagram.com/approachx, or via telegram - @manager_tiktok , @InnaShalbi , @Tina_managerTT, @Manage_your_TikTok
Use promo code *forum* to get a lower commission for TikTok accounts.

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