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What is an affiliate network?


Команда форума
An affiliate network acts as an intermediary between the merchants and the publishers.

A network allows publishers to more easily connect and find affiliate programs or offers.

For merchants, affiliate networks offer many benefits including tracking solutions, tools, payment processing and access to a wide range of publishers.

Networks come in all shapes and sizes and will vary upon the vertical, pricing model or niche they specialize in. For example, some networks will only specialize in one type of offer or one kind of niche, i.e fitness and health or dating. However, some networks will provide you with multiple offers across all the popular niches. While some networks will specialize in smaller promotions and merchants, whereas others will work directly with large and well known brands. Networks can also specialize in specific pricing models.

Affiliate networks are closed to the public and always require an application. It’s free to apply to a network. But, you’re not always guaranteed approval. The reason networks vet their applicants is due to the growing amount of fraud in the industry and also they may only want a certain type of affiliate.

As the network is being paid by the merchant, they can often lose large amounts of cash flow if they pay their affiliates early and then the advertiser decides not to pay due to fraudulent leads.

Networks can offer multiple benefits including an affiliate manager who is assigned to you and will work with you to get the best results. They also advise you on what offers work for what traffic, methods and verticals.

Not all offers accept conversions from all traffic types. and Often advertisers will be looking for a very specific type of user. Your affiliate manager is the go-to person for all questions regarding the network and as they usually work on a commission basis. They will try their best to see that you make money.

Networks will also provide you with all the correct links, tracking tools and information you need in order to promote an offer. They are also solely responsible for paying you, as a publisher, your earnings based on the amount of conversions you have. Although approval isn’t guaranteed, there are several steps you can take in order to have the best chance of being approved.

Affiliate and CPA networks are very easy to start up and less easy for us to moderate. Please take special care to only work with networks who have a good reputations. You can see the biggest affiliate networks and review them by visiting our affiliate networks review and support forum. It's a good idea to only work with those networks who you know have paid their affiliates.

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